Developing grants is all about defining your needs so that time-limited, focused funding can help move your organization toward its strategic goals and, most importantly, benefit the community. SCS facilitates this process for a variety of organizations. Services generally fall into two categories:

  • Ongoing grant development.  Many organizations have a continuous or frequently recurring need for grant funds.  However, they may not need a full-time employee or be able to afford an experienced professional.  SCS may be able to handle all of your grant development needs on an ongoing basis for a fixed monthly fee that would be less than the cost of an entry-level staff person. Many larger organizations rely on us to help shape their grant strategy and handle special projects on an ongoing basis.
  • Specific grant projects.  Large, focused projects such as capital campaigns, start-up ventures, research studies, and organizational transitions often require targeted resources for a limited time.  SCS can come in and give you what you need to attract grant funding for these projects, whether that be comprehensive project assessment and management or just writing.  We are experienced with many government agencies and grant programs, as well as the full range of foundation, corporate and individual funders.
  • Most importantly, we are here to meet your needs.


Corita Art Center
South Center LAMP


  • Prospect Research.  SCS uses the most current databases to research foundation, corporate, government, and individual funding sources.  We can do broad searches for funding opportunities or targeted investigations into particular prospects.
  • Program Research.  SCS can perform demographic, market, social science, or other research and analysis to support your efforts.


  • Over the years, we have found much of our value comes from helping clients think through their goals and what they need to do to achieve them.  Virtually everyone who has ever worked at a nonprofit has seen the strategic planning process result in nothing more than a binder that sits on a shelf.  That is why we believe in developing strategic funding.  Through this process, we not only hone your vision for the future, but determine where targeted funding can help make it come to fruition.  And, then, we help you get that funding.
  • We often facilitate or otherwise participate in strategic planning sessions with Boards of Directors.  Our approach is based in the Creating The Future model of community change.
Child & Family Center
Los Angeles Jewish Home


 Virtually every funding source wants to know if you are achieving your goals.  Furthermore, you should want to know if you are achieving your goals!  SCS takes a very practical approach to evaluation, focusing on realistic data gathering for the purposes of program improvement.




 SCS primarily works on a project fee or retainer basis.  In keeping with the ethical standards of the profession, we never work for a percentage-based commission.

 The details of your project and the specific needs of your organization will determine the fee.




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